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i-Write (Writer's Club)

iwrite, a club where amateur writers come together to share and discuss their work, welcomes you to join them!

If you want to enhance the writer in you, and think you have what it takes to become a writer, please come in and join us! i-Write is a meeting ground for all kinds of writers-poets, novelists,biographers,journalists,critiques etc. The members meet once a month to discuss their writings and other related topics. You may join us for a discussion or keep in touch online,by writing in to iwrite@googlegroups.com.

The club will meet at PageTurners each month and also post some of their works on the PageTurners blog for discussion and contributions!

See you there!

Mail us at loyalty@sipbooks.com to register.

The PageTurners Bookclub

Our BookClub is a great way to meet and interact with other book lovers, and to take some time out to indulge in some of the best books! Meet those with similar interest, and enhance the wonderful experience of a good book by discussing the themes, characters, plots and so much more!

Enrich the experience of enjoying a good book by sharing it with others. If you are a book aficionado, this is where you belong- above all, it's a fun and enjoyable evening once a month at PageTurners!

Mail us at loyalty@sipbooks.com to register!

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